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We offer a variety of classes including:
  • Roadside Interviews
  • Drug Enforcement for the Rural Officer
  • Urban Patrol Interdiction
  • Drugs and Violence
  • Identifying the Drug Impaired Person
As well as a few others. Just click the read more button below to view all of our courses and their detailed descriptions.
Upcoming classes will be posted as soon as they become known. View the upcoming classes page for more information and to view classes we will be offering.

Upcoming Classes:

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After having taught law enforcement related topics for a number of years as an adjunct instructor and a subcontractor, Law Enforcement Seminar Specialists (L.E.S.S.) was first formed in 1994 as a d.b.a. by David Catalano. The decision to form the business resulted from having identified the need for law enforcement officers, military personnel and law enforcement related personnel (correctional officers, probation and parole, ect.) to be able to receive specialized occupational training.

The vision for L.E.S.S., which remains today, was to provide national level, high quality law enforcement related training, which is current in content, at a fair and reasonable price per participant.